With our robust software applications running on fail-safe hardware, NAVCANsuite products offers superior functionality in all air traffic management environments.

A standard multiscreen setup of up to four displays can be utilized to accommodate multiple applications or the applications can be adapted into an integrated controller working position (ICWP). This particular HMI is designed to integrate electronic flight strips (NAVCANstrip), surveillance display (NAVCANsitu), weather information (NAVCANinfo), onto a single display.  For both setups a highly customizable graphical user interface enables the applications to be adaptable to each controller role and position.

Software Applications

NAVCANstrips (EXCDS) is our advanced, integrated, enterprise-wide tower, terminal, apron and enroute coordination system. Using electronic strips on touch- sensitive display screens, controllers manage flight data online. The electronic strips are highly adaptable and can be defined to support a full range of air traffic operations.

NAVCANsitu provides controllers with aircraft surveillance data and displays fused tracks on a situational display for enroute, terminal and ground air traffic control. Situ offers several layers of maps, insets, windows and tools to aid traffic separation. Both air mode (terminal area) and ground mode (airfield) surveillance are supported.

NAVCANinfo displays real-time landing aid and meteorological data from local airport sensors, together with operational messaging, NOTAMS and status information to controllers. Document organization, storage, navigation and display features for charts, procedures and other data are all included.

Support Applications

NAVCANsuite also offers advanced support applications that include: 

  • airfield lighting status information, display and control, and stop bar control
  • safety net functions 
  • automated terminal information, local weather and operational runway configuration for departing and arriving aircraft
  • system monitoring and control
  • data recording and playback, for workstations, transactions, I/O message logging, radar surveillance
  • air and ground surveillance (A-SMGCS)


NAVCANATM is a leading line of integrated air traffic management products, applications and services operationally deployed at over 125 sites worldwide for safe, efficient and cost-effective air traffic management. Its headquarters are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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