NAVCANlink is an interactive, web-based visualization tool for aerodrome data. It provides users – such as terminal operations staff, airport operations, and air carrier operations managers – with a near-real-time view of an airport’s radar, traffic, weather, airfield lighting, and NAVAID status. It also includes a record and playback function for situation analysis.

Fully integrated with NAVCANsuite applications, this invaluable tool can improve your operations with its ability to standardize reliable information and provide data quickly to help optimize airfield asset performance.

NAVCANlink provides access to:

  • Airport Performance Monitoring (APM) information, both current and historic, to identify aircraft movement efficiencies.
  • Surveillance monitoring information, including gate and surface events, to allow analysis of traffic flow around the aerodrome.
  • Automatic Data Acquisition Processing System (ADAPS) data.
  • Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) and ICAO NOTAM data.

Configurable gadgets provide at-a-glance overviews and allow users to monitor relevant data and events in conjunction with the aerodrome map, or in a customizable dashboard display. A Web Chat function offers a tool for communication and collaboration between groups and different communities.


NAVCANlink is based on a robust, proven in-service system with a system architecture tailored to meet the most challenging security, performance and availability requirements. Its features include:

  • Airfield situation display
  • Airfield environment information
  • Airport performance monitor
  • Airfield asset status
  • Situation replays
  • Surveillance-based event generation
  • Archive
  • Static image and document display
  • User management
  • System management
  • Multiple data feeds


NAVCANATM is a leading line of integrated air traffic management products, applications and services operationally deployed at over 125 sites worldwide for safe, efficient and cost-effective air traffic management. Its headquarters are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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