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NAVCANatm Montreal Tower


Every ANS provider has unique airspace and airport demands, but we all share the common objective of safe, efficient, cost-effective service. NAVCANatm technology systems will help meet those goals.


Safety first

We support each system we develop and install using our proven Safety and Quality Management process, tailored to the system safety levels and regulatory requirements specific to your facility. Testing occurs at the system, site and operational levels. Acceptance is based on system specifications, site integration requirements, and operational use.

Our ATM systems, built for you

Whether you need the full complement of NAVCANsuite products or one of its components, all NAVCANatm solutions are built to your requirements, using a tested collaborative process that tailors our technology to your environment. Each system is flexible and can be scaled to meet the demands of your operation now and as it grows. Following deployment, we support your system with comprehensive lifecycle maintenance and support and training to ensure optimum performance.

Support for life

All NAVCANatm technology systems were developed for our ANS operations and are in use today. Our customer service incorporates lessons learned in our operations and the long-term strategy we use for our own ATM products. We ensure each system is reliable, well maintained and always available by providing redundancy and on-call support, and by installing software updates and adaptations rapidly and efficiently.

Professional training

How well people use technology is the measure of its success, so we make in-depth, professional training a cornerstone of our service. Our training programs for air traffic control and technical support personnel are based on the proven, cost-effective programs we developed for our staff and for employees of other ANS providers. Our experienced trainers will work with your team to develop and deliver programs at your site or ours. A train-the-trainer approach, tailored specifically to your system, focuses on making the people who use the technology comfortable with it and experts in its use.

Customized to meet your needs

NAV CANADA manages 12 million aircraft movements a year over 18 million square kilometres of airspace, making us the world’s second-largest air navigation service provider in flight movements and area of control. All of our products are operational at sites across Canada and in other countries, so we understand the need for flexibility and how to customize technology to meet diverse needs.

We work closely with your team to custom-fit each system to your operation, configuring hardware, customizing software, and developing new interfaces adapted to your operational business processes. Choose to rely on our experienced system-integration capabilities, or work jointly with our team of engineers, integrators, technical support and training personnel. Whatever your approach, our team will work with your team to ensure a seamless transition.