Naviair (Denmark)

NAVCANstrips (NITOS) at Copenhagen Tower

In 2007, NAVCANstrips, our electronic flight strip solution, was installed at Copenhagen tower, owned and operated by the Danish air navigation service provider Naviair.

The Naviair Integrated Tower Operation System (NITOS), is a custom tailored version of NAVCANstrips, designed to support 19 operational positions, each of which can be configured for the selected controller role dynamically and in real-time. NITOS was also designed to be fully integrated with Eurocontrol flow management and flight planning systems.

Naviair selected NAV CANADA to supply this system on the basis of its excellent functionality, competitive value and compliance with the project specifications.


NAVCANatis and NAVCANvolmet at Kastrup Airport and Roskilde

Operational since 2011, NAVCANatis and NAVCANvolmet systems have been installed at Denmark’s Kastrup Airport at Copenhagen with a remote node at Roskilde.

NAVCANatis and NAVCANvolmet are multi-purpose tools designed to manage and transmit weather and routine information to aircraft arriving and departing at airports. For aircraft flying international routes, the technology transmits both weather information and information during special situations, such as warnings of volcanic ash in the atmosphere. The systems have also been modified to integrate with the NITOS electronic flight strip system

Automatic MET message processing uses advanced digital voice technology to provide accurate pronunciation of phrases and place names. The system can be configured with a choice of male and female voices and dialects for audible discrimination on different channels.