Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

NAVCANstrips, NAVCANinfo and NAVCANsitu at the Dubai International Airport Control Tower, Dubai World Central Control Tower and Dubai Approach Control 

NAVCANatm was selected by the Engineering Projects group of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA-EP) to install NAVCANstrips, our advanced electronic flight strips system. The system went operational on July 1, 2012 at the Dubai International Airport Control Tower and Dubai World Central Control Tower.

Technology development and installation work was done in conjunction with DCAA-EP and controllers of the Dubai Air Navigation Service Provider (DANS), to tailor the system to the operating environments of each airport. At both sites, NAVCANsuite has improved tower coordination and efficiency by providing access to important flight information across the air traffic management system.

NAVCANinfo, our integrated operational information display, and NAVCANsitu, our situational display for enroute, terminal and ground surveillance, have also been installed on 30 workstations at the Dubai Approach Control and operational since 2012. This system provides extensive operational data and safety-critical information to air traffic controllers in real time. All of the information layouts, displays and notifications are customizable to meet the requirements of each controller, helping to reduce distractions and enhance safety.

The systems were developed to interface to Raytheon Autotrac III FDP, Park AIR A-SMGCS and Micronav simulator systems.