Developed by controllers for controllers

Our world-leading electronic flight strip solution, NAVCANstrips (formerly EXCDS), provides what controllers need most: immediate access to key information and all critical functions.

This advanced tower, terminal, airport and enroute coordination system offers controllers automated flight data management online using touch-sensitive display screens.

NAVCANstrips provides instant access to critical flight, airport and gate data tailored to each assigned role and position; reduces voice communications; and minimizes heads-down time.

Proven in the field

NAVCANstrips is operationally proven to manage complex air traffic, permitting more efficient management and use of airspace and airport capacity.

It can be configured to generate flow-management statistics and other information and supports data link clearance (DLC) through direct data exchange with the aircraft flight decks that use ARINC or SITA services.

Integrated with other NAVCANsuite products

NAVCANstrips operates seamlessly on a single integrated technology platform, combining flight data, operational data, surveillance, and voice communications. Flight data is displayed on large, high quality, touch-sensitive monitors, allowing controllers to mark and move strips by direct touch or with a stylus, just as they would paper strips.

Used by thousands of controllers worldwide

NAVCANstrips has the largest installed operational base of any electronic flight strip application, with a proven service history at some of the world’s busiest airports. It is now deployed at operational centres in Europe and North America and the largest integrated deployment to date is underway in Australia.

Product Features

  • Customizable graphical user interface.
  • Flexible panel layout to tailor operational workflow to the airport, airspace configuration and operating procedures at each installation.
  • Supports up to four monitors to maximize content display.
  • Records aircraft movements for billing, statistical and information purposes, and can send them by email to requesting agencies.


NAVCANsuite products include integrated systems used by tower, terminal and enroute air traffic controllers as listed below.