Innovative, integrated radar display system

NAVCANsitu provides situational display for enroute, terminal and ground surveillance. Its high quality and cost-effectiveness make it ideal for both large and small facilities.

Fully integrated with other NAVCANsuite products, NAVCANsitu combines fused track data with on-screen surveillance data from different instruments covering different locations, producing a seamless, accurate display of real-time surveillance coverage from ground to air.

Increases safety, efficiency and situational awareness

It also provides controllers with decision-support tools, data and several layers of maps, inset windows and tools to aid the safe and efficient separation of air traffic.

With the integration of VAST (Visual Aircraft Spacing Tool) and CRDA (Converging Runway Display Aid), NAVCANsitu provides controllers with a constant visual reference to desired spacing, plus an accurate visual reference of the speed and relative position of pairs of aircraft. This allows controllers to space aircraft more accurately on dependent and independent parallel approaches, converging runways, and single-runway operations, increasing airport capacity and reducing delays.

Operates in both ground and air modes

The system operates in both ground and air modes using data from the same fusion-data source. Ground mode displays airport arrivals, departures and ground movements. Air mode displays air traffic in the surrounding airspace. The system’s scalable vector graphic allows users to zoom in to any depth while maintaining system context.

Product Features

  • Incorporates airspace warning features, safety alerts and decision-support tools.
  • Provides graphic tools that can be used to create range bearing lines; display latitude, longitude, and magnetic variation; create local maps; and display text.
  • Can be adapted with its own maps and control layout based on the controller log-in identifier and role.
  • Configurable quick-action buttons allow users to configure functional priorities.




NAVCANsuite products include integrated systems used by tower, terminal and enroute air traffic controllers as listed below.