NAVCANinfo & NAVCANcontrol

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All-in-one solution for displaying real-time operational data & controlling airfield lighting

Fully integrated with other NAVCANsuite applications, NAVCANinfo provides safety-critical information in real time on a single configurable display.

The system efficiently displays weather conditions (in text and graphic formats), altimeter settings, NAVAID status, runway status, operations status and conditions, and reference information. NAVCANcontrol is an integrated component that handles airfield lighting status and control.

Flexible, intuitive and easy to use

All information layouts and displays are customizable and adapt easily to meet the needs of each controller position. Audio and video alerts can be customized to provide specific notifications only to those controllers who need them, eliminating unnecessary distractions for others.

NAVCANinfo supports more than 2,000 user-configured static pages in common office and business application formats, and interfaces with low-level sensor and status monitoring systems. It is operational in more than 50 sites throughout Canada.

Product Features

  • Supports Web-based access and display of static page data, such as charts, procedures, maps and notices.
  • Online indexing of new or changed operational data pages is automatically added to the navigation buttons.
  • Remote workstations and a read-only, accessible client view of the operational data can be supplied.


NAVCANsuite products include integrated systems used by tower, terminal and enroute air traffic controllers as listed below.