NAVCANatis & NAVCANvolmet

NAVCANatis      NAVCANvolmet



Enhancing information flow

NAVCANatis is designed to manage and transmit automatic broadcasts of weather and routine information to arriving and departing aircraft at airports. For aircraft flying international routes, NAVCANvolmet transmits in-flight weather information and safety advisories, such as warnings of volcanic ash in the atmosphere.

Reducing controller workload

NAVCANatis and NAVCANvolmet automatically generate and deliver ATIS and VOLMET messages from weather information (METAR, SPECI, SIGMET, TAF, MET REP and SNOWTAM) received from local sensors or meteorological circuits. They simplify the transfer of routine information to departing and arriving aircraft, automatically providing information on local weather and airport traffic, as well as hazard advisories

Fully integrated with other NAVCANsuite applications, NAVCANatis eases controller workloads, and relieves frequency congestion. Data is updated quickly and effortlessly, either manually or automatically.

Scalable to meet your needs

The technology can be scaled to meet the demands of all airports, towers, control centres and other air traffic management facilities. One system can support multiple airports, and the modular hardware and software architecture provides an expandable solution. New interfaces can be added easily to the base system and, with the addition of minimal off-the-shelf hardware, the system can support an unlimited number of broadcasts.

Product Features

  • Text-to-speech technology converts text messages into clear, accurate vocal messages for pilots.
  • Male or female voices using a selection of languages and accents are available.
  • Also included is an innovative and easy-to-use speech pronunciation editor.


NAVCANsuite products include integrated systems used by tower, terminal and enroute air traffic controllers as listed below.