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Internet Flight Planning

CFPS is a new web-based system that makes flight planning more accessible and easier to manage. With this CFPS, pre-flight activities such as weather and NOTAM briefings, and flight plan filing, as well as changes and cancellations can be made directly from any computer with internet access. At the click of a mouse, the advanced functionality of CFPS improves communication and collaboration between pilots, dispatchers, operational controllers and specialists.

Simplifying Pilot Workload

CFPS seamlessly combines weather, aeronautical and NOTAM information, providing all the essentials needed to file a flight plan, with only a single login. In addition, the flight plan form reduces the need for manual verification of flight plans while automatically flagging those that don’t meet standard parameters.


  • Access to alphanumeric and graphical weather products and NOTAMs
  • Geo-referencing capability for weather, aeronautical, NOTAM and flight information on a base map
  • Ability to file, amend and cancel VFR and IFR flight plans online
  • Access to digital aeronautical products
  • Confirmation notices following all transactions and amendments


NAVCANplan systems offer integrated flight planning and critical flight information to pilots, dispatchers and operational controllers and specialists.




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NAVCANplan Feature Sheet:

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