Weather Data Manager

Weather Data Manager

The NAVCANmet Weather Data Manager is an advanced weather observation data exchange system that aggregates weather data from multiple weather station locations. The system then provides synoptic weather observations, and other weather data to a centralized database for forecast production purposes.

More specifically, the Weather Data Manager validates and qualifies both human and automated weather observations from HWOS and AWOS, and provides quality assurance checks, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of local weather reports.

It is a Linux-based solution developed using proven technologies. It is designed to be flexible and scalable and able to support implementation at any size location.

Client-specific outputs from the Weather Data Manager include METAR and SPECI in XML and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) BUFR formats. As well, it supports many plug-ins for functions such as data archiving, data monitoring, systems monitoring, systems management and reporting.

For Canadian applications, the Weather Data Manager provides a seamless proven interface for delivery of weather observations to Environment Canada forecast production systems.


NAVCANmet suite products are advanced meteorological tools for enhanced weather data and reporting:


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