Human Weather Observation System

The NAVCANmet HWOS provides quick, accurate and reliable weather reporting where manned weather observations are an integral part of aviation operations.

It is an advanced Linux-based system that allows weather observers to record and report aviation and synoptic weather observations more efficiently. It automates the calculation and transcription of sensor data, and eliminates the need for paper recording and reporting. This improves the quality and assurance of data that might otherwise be prone to human error, and allows staff to focus on more value-added tasks.

The NAVCANmet HWOS is modular, scalable and expandable. In addition, it can be easily configured to work with weather data collected from third party weather sensors, generating cost savings for airport weather stations with existing AWOS, or with standalone sensor systems.

It can also be fully integrated with the NAVCANsuite tower automation products, including NAVCANatis, to enhance critical air traffic management decision making. Centralized weather data from the HWOS conveniently interfaces with the tower controller’s working position to provide real-time wind, altimeter, and other weather information on the controller’s touch screen display. This configuration replaces dedicated instrument displays and enhances the efficiency of the tower environment.


NAVCANmet suite products are advanced meteorological tools for enhanced weather data and reporting:


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