Enhanced Weather Camera

NAVCANmet - Enhanced weather camera

Enhanced Weather Camera 

Get a clearer view of the weather with our Enhanced Weather Camera system. Traditional visibility sensors, including those used on automated weather observation systems (AWOS), can occasionally be obscured by localized phenomena such as smoke, swarms of insects, and drifting dust or snow. Such events often trigger under-reporting of visibility which affects airport approach procedures, and ultimately causes delays. Our Enhanced Weather Camera system helps to see through these kinds of obstructions, giving a more accurate view of prevailing airport conditions.

NAVCANmet Enhanced Weather Camera is a leading-edge weather software tool, utilizing Searidge Technologies’ IntelliDAR™ airport surface management system. This tool provides all the functionality of advanced weather camera software with the added feature of an Enhanced Visibility Calculator. Using our proprietary target detection algorithms, the Enhanced Visibility Calculator provides better visibility reporting, free from obscurities.


NAVCANmet suite products are advanced meteorological tools for enhanced weather data and reporting:


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