Windowless Apron Control

Airport operators now have a truly scalable and customizable solution for apron management control services that takes advantage of remote or windowless environments, or can enhance services in the existing infrastructure.

Our proven NAVCANsuite air traffic management tools paired with Searidge Technologies’ IntelliDAR™ and ATC-Grade Video systems offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for airport service providers and operators to improve apron and ground management service delivery.

NAVCANsuite allows operators to view, manipulate and manage apron traffic, and gate and apron scheduling data for seamless coordination between airport, ATC and airline operations. These tools are coupled with the Searidge ATC-Grade Video system, which fuses multiple camera scenes into a simulated out-the-window view. This gives operators full visual confirmation of targets for one or several geographically dispersed aprons, de-icing pads, and aircraft parking areas. The result is safer, more efficient, and more informed operations at all times, under all conditions, and in any location.

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Windowless Apron Control:

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